Digital art, The group of friends watch the Snapchat ghost fly through the sky, and cute guy teases the protagonist with a near kiss before they move on to watch the sunrise.

Cute guy is a tease and the Snapchat ghost is real

Date: 7/21/2017

By MsBananaNanner

Starts out as I'm getting ready for school. It's still pretty dark out, so must be winter, and I'm quite tired. I hurry out to the car, knowing that if we don't leave really soon we're going to be late. My mom is driving me in, so I have to wait for her in the passengers seat. She's taking forever and I'm getting anxious and impatient. As she's coming out, and locking the door to the house, I suddenly remember something that I've forgotten. (This happens way too often irl honestly) I rush back inside the house, to my mothers annoyance. Apparently I hadn't just forgotten something, I'd forgotten everything! Had to get a backpack and books and lunch and everything. I hurry back out, knowing she's going to be mad at me for taking so long, but when I get there she just tells me very gruffly not to get in. I ask what she means, I HAVE to go to class, and we HAVE to leave now because I'm probably already late. She says no, that she isn't going to take me today. I argue that I have an exam I have to take, but she is adamant. She tells me that I'm too stressed, or depressed, or something along those lines, and that I need to stay home. I argue that I really am fine, and that I really can't miss this test. I'm nearly crying because I'm so anxious about missing it, but she doesn't care. She tells me she's called my professors and someone will send the exam to our house for me to take. I'm still not thrilled, but arguing clearly isn't going to help. Then I'm out with some friends (I think I snuck out of the house or something). Im with Doug and Carrie from King of Queens (heck if I know why--I haven't even watched that in forever) and they have their kids with them. Their teenage son is preparing for a date and they're trying to help. They also have either one or two teenage daughters I'm not sure. We're all at a baseball stadium, but there's not really anyone else there. And inside this stadium is a store, kind of made me think of a dollar tree but way bigger and mixed with a craft store. The kid was all nervous for his date, and was trying to pick out flowers but Carrie was being obsessive and telling him a million things that he should buy for his girlfriend. She winds up in a screaming argument with a store worker. I'm not too interested in listening to this argument, or to Doug trying to calm Carrie down, so I fly around through the aisles to find the other girls. I find them, but they aren't too interested in talking to me. After a bit I wind up in the back of the store. I see a small warehouse type room, and I'm feeling very curious. I hear Carrie still yelling up a storm, and then I realize she's heading my way. I quickly fly into the room, then hide up in the corner by the ceiling (I can usually float/grip walls like Spider-Man in my dreams if I'm able to fly). I tried to turn off the lights when I came in, but even when I flipped the switch they stayed on. To my chagrin, she of course decides to come right into my little room. The only other thing in there is a huge roll of carpet leaning against the wall. She's arguing with the store person, and then she catches sight of me and screams, full out. I'm like "IM SO SORRY I WASNT TRYING TO SCARE YOU". Luckily, once she got over the initial fear, she thought it was funny. After a minute, I leave the room, except everything outside is completely different. I'm not in a store anymore, I'm at this decrepit little building in the middle of a field. In front of me is a long half wall of stone and it's got like moss stuff on it and crumbling in parts. Now I'm prepping for a missions trip to Thailand. There's someone there who is organizing it, and they have a tent set up for me to test out. Apparently I'd opted to sleep in a tent while I was there, rather than staying in a resort with everyone else, because it was much cheaper. I only had to raise $90 for the whole trip! Then a friend of mine who is moving to Thailand irl comes jogging through the field towards me. She has her dog with her, but it's actually Hippo from the kdrama Flower Boy Next Door. She tells me I'm going to love it in Thailand, but thinks I'm crazy for sleeping in a tent. We talk some more, and then we decide to climb on the stone wall. I'm able to effortlessly jump right up the four feet without touching it with my hands and am now standing on it. My friend is amazed, but I act like it's nothing out of the ordinary. I run down the length of it, and it's growing taller as I do. She is riding a bike next to me on the ground, the dog running alongside her. I get to the end, and instead of stopping, I leap off the end. I have a moment of panic where I realize I don't know what to do now. I don't want to splat my brains out on the gravel. But I'm able to control my fall. So I just descend slowly, as if I'm running on the air (like Sophie in the beginning of Howls Moving Castle). Now I'm on the road by my grandparents house. My friend wants me to watch her bicycle trick. She jumps off, and it keeps going without her. She's running behind it, and says she's going to jump back on without it ever stopping. Before she can, though, the dog catches up to it and climbs on, then pedals. We're both stunned. She says she never taught him to do that. We get out to the main road, and I join up with a bunch of friends who were out walking (I'm not sure who they were from rl). They're all headed somewhere to watch the sunrise and invite me to join them. It's fairly light out, but the sun itself hasn't risen. As we're walking down the side of this road, cars are flying past us, barely giving much room between us and them. We all try to squish farther to the side of the road, in more of a single file line than the 8 person wide blob we were before. Someone figures out that it's better if we all hold hands to stay together. There's this cute guy in front of me (again, not sure if it was someone from rl or not) and I'm really excited because it means he's going to hold my hand. He was also the one to suggest it, which makes me even happier. Rather than just holding one of my hands, like everyone else was doing--so that you could hold on to the person in front of and behind you, he grabs both of mine. Every once in a while, he'll turn back and smile at me. Eventually we get to a place that feels quite urban, but no one is really out but us. There's a huge, towering building up ahead, that looks like a prison guard tower. It's cement, with essentially no windows, and if there were they were tinted to we couldn't see in. It has a huge panel of giant lights on the front, and more scattered about. Out of nowhere, the Snapchat ghost flies through the sky. It's giant, and animated, but in the real world. Our whole group gets really excited. This building is Snapchat headquarters, and we're going to get to be on Snapchat Live. The giant panel of lights moves around, and we know they're videoing us and taking pictures so we make all kinds of goofy faces. I'm just sad that it means cute guy stopped holding my hands. After a bit, the ghost leaves and we're kind of bummed. But we continue on, and go around the building. We're down lower now, as the street was on a slope, and the tall buildings around us are making things darker. We see some graffiti and stuff, but I can't remember what it said. The sun is just about to rise, so we're trying to hurry on to our perfect lookout point. We have to stop to wait for something along the way, and cute guy decides to take the moment to put his hands on my neck and the side of my cheek, staring into my eyes as if he's going to kiss me. In my head I'm begging him to. But then our group starts moving again and he pulls away. His hands have left little red patches on my skin (it's muggy out so it made his hands sweaty ahahahaha) and he says quietly in my ear "see that's the worst part [about making out] you get those red marks" And in my head I'm like "okay but WHY WONT YOU MAKE OUT WITH ME" So I lean over and say "I'm pretty sure that's the best part." A huge grin spreads across his face and he laughs, but he still never kissed me and it made me so mad! The dude was such a tease, and I woke up before he ever admitted that he liked me...aaauugghhh.