Another zombie apocalypse

Date: 2/4/2017

By nolan_truth

I was in what seemed like a frat house, while a party was under way. Suddenly, I had the impression that I was in great danger. I looked outside one of the porch facing windows, but my view was obstructed by a confederate flag. I continued staring. Something was walking into the flag. Whatever it was cleared the tangled flag, and I saw that was a zombie. It shambled towards a party-goer on the porch, who was blissfully unaware. Zombies began entering into the house from all directions. My dream jumped: I was now at my "real" house, with my dad. I told him what was happening. We tried to escape on foot, but from where we were outside, we could see police cars surrounding the frat house. Everything else seemed normal, but suddenly, smoke clouds began rising, until occupied every cardinal direction. The smoke pillars glowed orange-pink, reflecting the fires underneath. After that, we went back inside. I took my pet bird upstairs, thinking she would be safer upstairs. I took a plastic kiddie pool inside and began filling it with water from a garden hose, as I knew we should collect as much water as possible from the water main before it broke. The pool was dirty, having a thin patina of dirt covering its bottom. My dad argued with me, saying not to make such a mess, that we could gather water from the backyard creek. Regardless, I filled the pool and put it in a nearby powder room. My dad did preparations in the laundry room while I stood watch at the front door. That was when I saw the zombie. He seemingly appeared out of thin air, standing on the front steps. He was tall with dark blonde hair. His zombie state wasn't obvious, except for his blood-tinged eyes, and vacuous stare. He stood passively for a couple seconds, then raised his arms and began pushing against the door. The doors were double doors, they began opening inward. I pushed back with all my weight, but the zombie gained entrance seemingly effortlessly. Scrambling for a weapon, I found myself with a knife and fork. I threw the knife in a futile effort to impale his head, but one of his upraised hands deflected it. Same result with the fork. I called for my dad, who rushed in with a handgun, and promptly dropped him. I began looking for materials to nail to the double doors, for the purpose of blocking entrance to any other zombies.