Dream Breakdown

Date: 5/24/2017

By mugen_

This was one of those morning dreams, when you wake up but decide to go back to sleep. I was next to the exit of a supermarket, buying cigarettes and I think one cigar(Not sure) I then entered the store through one of the tills, and while walking around I found myself smoking one of them. The cigarette was almost done, when a chemist saw me and warned me against smoking in there. I had ignored her and was walking away, but she had insisted, walking towards me, telling me once again not to smoke inside a supermarket. I turned back towards her, and suddenly a surge of emotion swelled out from me, and suddenly we were in her office, and she was sitting down, and I broke down, crying and explaining how I really wanted to stop. At that moment she was very distinct, as if I knew her, she had a lovely face and listened to me with complete understanding and empathy. The dream faded as I started waking up.