New House

Date: 8/10/2017

By Pattye2017

We had moved, and were at our new house. I was working on unpacking things, and took a break and went to the garage area where I found my husband had company. It was my cousin and his wife from Delaware and their kids, my pseudo uncle, and a guy I did NOT know. It was unknown guy what gave me cause for concern. He was one of those people made me feel VERY uncomfortable and vaguely unsafe. He tried to come into the house where I was alone, but I made excuses to keep him at Bay. Then, however, my husband gave him permission to go in and look around at the place. Out of innocence and naivety rather than anything malicious. In my attempt to avoid weird guy, I started keeping myself busy with fine detailing and busy work. Once everything was near perfect: a place for everything and everything in its place, I discovered some "care packages" my husband's parents had sent to help us get situated. Now, I knew they had meant well, but how this possibly could have helped, I have no idea. There were several large gallon containers of vegetable oil, large pre- opened bags of Halloween candy, clothes that we're too small for any of our kids, old toys, and several boxes of model car kits. I was trying to be patient, I knew they meant well, but really, why? I was livid. I did NOT have the patience to deal with this. Then, I went on the porch to cool off and calm down. While on the porch, several trucks showed up, all laden with similar items from the in-laws. I could not handle this. As such, I was all head explodey when there was another knock at the door. It was my parents (long divorced) who had arrived together to see the new place. My mom went to look around, and my dad stayed to talk to me, which was weird as in my near forty years, we have never really talked or anything. He told me he was gay, and said he loved me. Again, weird as not only had that never been said before, but I am fairly certain that my dad is devoid of all emotion, so I had no idea what was up. After that, he went on to looking around, and I moved on to busy work again.