Date: 4/7/2017

By abnormal

Someone broke into Maryam's (my best friend) house and Noor (her sister whom doesn't actually live there anymore; she's in university in America) was the only one there and she later kicked her brother's ass for not asking if she was okay. Mariam, Rawan, and Bouthaina, and I (my sister and her friends) were sitting on the big table in Egypt and both Bouthaina and Mariam were drinking 7up and talking about how good it is then Bouthaina cracks another one open but Rawan fixes the way she opens the can for her and tells her that she knows she won't be able to finish this one bc she already drank one but Bouthaina insists that she'll be able to finish it but my sister says "no matter how good something is, it stops becoming good when you drink it too much" and Mariam backs her up by saying that her mom's juice never gets old. Same situation as up there ^ but I get a dm from May replying to my previous dm; "what highlight are you using?" And May appears in real life when I open that dm and she's sitting right next to me and I can hear her talking about how Leela is not coming and a bunch of her friends are there as well. We're in a hotel room apparently and we know that there are thieves coming so Rawan and Mariam tell us to stand in the living room that's right in front when you open the door and we start making stupid faces and talking in a weird way both me and someone else but I don't think it's Bouthaina I think it's one of my own friends or a relative of my age and we start acting dumb and 2 thieves come in and we pretend we don't know what they're doing and then they go in to the big table place where I thought Rawan and Mariam were and I wait for the sound of a hit or something bc I thought Rawan and Mariam had a plan but no I don't hear anything and that's when this part of the dream ends.