Harry Potter

Date: 8/12/2019

By Wiggler

Ok so I have a LOT of Harry Potter dreams because I'm like the series biggest fan. This one I remembered a lot more of than I do the others. I was Harry Potter himself this time. We weren't in Hogwarts, but we were if you know what I mean. It didnt look anything like Hogwarts but I knew that's where I was. Hermione and Ron were sleeping in this cabin thing with me and I was up before them. For some reason they didnt want me to fly out into the forest beyond the "grounds" I guess. So while they were asleep I made like a dead version of me with my wand.(I have no idea why.) Then I flew(no not with a broom but by my self) into the woods. In the woods was a bunch of buildings. I heard them coming so I hid in a cabin like the one we had been sleeping in but they found me. Hermione was beginning to lecture me when we saw a creeper like from Minecraft.(I know weird.) And that's when it ended.