Various past life

Date: 8/25/2019

By marcia724

I was in my old room at my parents house. An old boyfriend from sixth grade was there. I was trying to hid him. He ended up leaving his flannel shirt but came back for it. We were trying to find it so my parents wouldn’t find out he was there. After he left I did find it. When I took it to return I had to stop at a bathroom. It wasn’t in my house. There were stalls and a lot of people. I tried to use it but the door wouldn’t stay shit and also you could see under. There was also a part of the dream where I was in 12 grad in a cafeteria. The cafeteria spanned K through 12. I was sitting in the area where you only get to sit when you’re in 12th grad and it felt great. I remembered when I was little and thinking I couldn’t wait to be at this point. Another random part of the dream had a giant train of busses that had all the school kids. I rode and then got off. I did something else and looked through the window only to FINALLY see the kindergarten buss pasig by. Ezra was inside.