pregnancy & other weird stuff

Date: 1/27/2019

By aevamj

in real life i’ve been thinking about my dad a lot, and this girl from the bachelor a few seasons ago, beckah. she’s pregnant and is open about it on social media and she is due on tuesday. well, in the dream, she was me. but for some reason i switched from being her and myself in the dream. sometimes she was my stepmom. i remember being her, walking around this random house (probably hers) and her friends were over. it was tuesday, and then all of the sudden my water broke. i was like oh crap and started yelling the baby is coming, so one of my friends helped me get to the car. then it switched to me. in my own body. i was sitting on a couch in a random house trying to find something to watch on tv with my uncle jeff and his girlfriend, who i rarely see. my stepdad was also there. he was wearing nothing but a trench coat. and heels. don’t know why. anyways i had a little sister, who wasn’t either kaiya or stella (my real sisters) and she ran down to say that my stepmom (beckah) is having a baby. i quickly got up to find my dad. i was back in beckah s perspective, and i was in the hospital bed. i was oddly calm, and kept saying that it’s gonna be easy. my conscious (not beckah) was saying omg ur so stupid that’s gonna hurt like a fucking truck. i started to physically feel the aching from the baby, almost like intense period cramps. (which i’m sure is not anywhere near what birthing a baby feels like) i was back in my body, and i found my dad. he was in a strange arcade, distracted by this new technology the guy working there introduced him to. now that i think about it, they were JULL PODS. lmfao, but they weren’t smoking things they shot weird zelda superpowers out of them. they could kill you, so idk why they were being sold. one shot out purple lightning and scared the shit out of my dad. i was yelling at him that his wife was in the hospital, but he was so interested in this technology he couldn’t hear me. at one point him and the guy were in a fight(?) and the guy started throwing weird Taekwondo kicks at my dad lmao. then he started walking towards this video game portal, like he was entering a new world, and leaving his complicated and stressful one. my little sister ran up to him and pulled his arm, screaming “dad your wife is in the hospital giving birth. we need to go NOW.” we started running to the hospital with him, but eventually he disappeared from the dream. we were running and running and we ended up in these strange hallways full of kindergartners. then we got to a stair case. i saw dayneth and this woman from an app called Her Story. they were both trying to fix the stairs. the stairs had fallen down in a storm. then all of the sudden a weird infomercial voice came on the loud speakers and started talking about how to fix the stairs. we never got to beckah because i woke up.