ex boyfriend, one direction, hitting a car

Date: 2/5/2017

By clarissatownsend

My first dream started off with me hanging out with my ex boyfriend and my friend. They were dating I guess, so they were flirting and being really affectionate. I was just standing there feeling so awkward and upset. I lied and said my mom told me that I had to be home so I could leave. I was sooooo upset and right before I started crying in my dream, I woke up. It was around 8 AM, then I fell back asleep. Then I dreamt that I was with my dad, uncle and mom in my uncles car. We were parked somewhere and they told me to get off and get the fettuccine Alfredo meal to go, but I didn't want to ask so they gave it to me in a plastic bowl. THEN I went to this random park and they were selling one direction t shirts that were really ugly and said "I love 1d" or something along the lines of that. I got a medium in the tan one and a small in the red one. I went home and my cousin and his wife were there. As I pulled into the driveway, I got super close to their car and sort of hit it slightly. I got out and there was a mark from my license plate on their bumper and I was like freaking out. I said "is this car like new??" And she was like "kind of." I felt so bad and I kept saying I was so sorry. I felt really dumb too because I didn't think all the marks were from my car until she pointed it out. They replaced the holes with clear tacks? And then the problem was solved but i still felt bad. Then I realized that my one direction shirt was too small; the red one. So I went and drove back to the place. But then I brought the wrong shirt on accident so then I had to go back. Then I randomly ended up in some patio with my aunt, sister and mom. There were like hogs there?? And we had to avoid them. We were talking about something I just can't remember what. This was like the most random dream I've ever had recently.