A Crazy Astral Experience

Date: 3/28/2017

By nexus

I was sleeping for about three hours maybe four and I start having this conversation about some old dude that died and we were making fun of it but I was confused as to why I was making fun of a dead guy (I didn't even know who he was but I felt like I knew him in this dream state I was in) so than I start to get creepy surges of energy but I now know it was just my own frequency shifting but since I was still in like this dream state I didn't even think about it, so after that I start to feel entities around me not necessarily trying to hurt me but they were just there almost excited to see me but wanted to stay away at the same time, I was really worried and all I wanted to do was turn my lights on mind you I was still in this dream like state so it was almost like I astral projected while drunk, so I get up thinking I'm actually up and than try to turn on the lights and I felt the light switch but they wouldn't turn on which gave me an even creepier feeling because I'm still in the dark but I was able to get through the door but I didn't even notice that somehow, I go into my bathroom and it was almost like time was different because there were things in my downstairs bathroom inside my upstairs bathroom and I didn't notice that either( god I must've been dead tired lol) I than get these voices in my head and I go into my father's room and he was asleep and I try to sleep in his bed and than explain to him later but than next thing I know I'm back in my room and in my body and than I was like ohhhhh.