First lucid dream kind of? (Yes this is 18+)

Date: 5/6/2017

By jakeosoris

So I was in this server I think on tf2 which is a game I rarely play now with two people arguing about insurance? Lol tf. We were just playing tf2 on a trade server and then I realized I'm in a dream because the girl who was talking was from my school. (I had this dream after I tried remembering any when I woke up then fell asleep for like 20 minutes, all a sudden the girl from my school and me weren't in tf2 but in one of my friends basement, she was mostly nude and I kind of made a mistake lol, I tried pleasuring her for awhile without doing anything for my self, then I realized shit this is a dream she don't need anything, she was about to give me the succ then I guess it got too "wild" and I woke up and I'm writing this now, next time I'm going to try other things because sex ended before it got real good lol