young Ariel writer

Date: 2/12/2017

By ajm

So I'm on vacation and I go to this theatre where they're playing the little mermaid play and I sit down and there are these guys checking me and whoever this friend are out, and they want us to sit by them but I'm not really paying attention to them, my friend is.across the isle is Ms Menitti with Mrs McTighe just chilling sitting in their seats as well, chloe walks by to leave and mrs Menitti is about to fix her shirt or comments on her shirt because her bra looks too big or her boobs look too big. And I just go "my god let body's be how they be allow people to wear what they want and allow their bodies to be what they are" and she just goes "well I don't let my kids do that" and then I just said well no need to comment on other people then right? And she was clearly shook And sad so I hugged her and was telling her I was sorry because I did feel bad. I told her I loved her and that she was my favorite teacher and she was like a mom and I loved the way she smelled. Then I think it was aunt coll just start up in the seat in front of me and was talking to me about her vacation in what she bought for me and I was thinking you know sit down and call because people can't dsee the show. Then Mom brought us down to the front where we just kneeled in front of the show and the stage and there was this lady that Mom knew and her daughter was Chloe's friend but she showed us this almost poster thing that had beautiful handwriting and it was just saying thank you and there were sparkles and it was gorgeous bubble letters and she was saying that a two-year-old made it for her for being such a good person and she was so surprised and grateful to have gotten with the sign from this young lady who was two and learn to talk at age one and was this prodigy basically so then I walk behind the stage with Chloe and we go to this. Two-year-old room somehow to meet her and Chloe is feeding her like it looks like resin almost but it was vitamins and on it it said mid day vitamins but it was basically night time so I was like Chloe stop feeding her them the little girl who is saying no like I'm able to eat them but I didn't want her to I thought she would die or her mom will get mad