Afternoon nap

Date: 4/30/2017

By rausyan

Was walking towards the ATM then saw a long queue so I was wondering whether to join the queue or go to another ATM then I saw you. 'Hey Anita you're here to check your pay also is it?' You said yeah. But seems like you were rushing somewhere then I asked, are you rushing? You said no but I gtg then we said goodbye and you paced off to the other direction. Then for some reason I RMB my phone had ibanking so I could've just checked it from my phone the amount I received was 846.11 idk why I can rmb it clearly. Went around to look for you letting you know that our pay has come in uh. Then I saw you seating at the TOP of the amphitheater alone and your ex-bf was with his friends. So I just stood there and watched, after a while he called you then you came running to him, he asked you for a favour to grab or buy something I guess. Then you ran off to do his bidding ah I chased you and said 'hey Anita our pay came in alrdy I just checked :)' you looked at me with tears in your eyes, I stood there shocked, you ran off and everything faded till I woke up.