The Little Stick Figures in My House

Date: 4/28/2019

By oregon

I walked into my house. I seemed bigger than usual. I called out, “all the men” and a bunch of tiny play stick people appeared. I called out, “all the women” and more appeared. I called out, “all the children” and more appeared. They were the size of small ants and looked like little black stick figures. They came out from under couches. Some appeared out of nowhere. I went into my room to find many women and children. I knew they were women for some reason, even though the men and women all looked the same: like tiny black stick figures. They didn’t speak, but I could tell that they were a community. I could tell they had feelings and fears. I called out all the women again. I picked up one and put her in a cup. I knew she didn’t want to be in the cup but I did it anyways because I got off on the power. I carried her into my room and looked inside the cup. She wasn’t there. I walked back to where I found her. The little people were looking at me. I then went into the kitchen and saw the water running. I thought it would be fun to put the little people by the water because they’d see it as a big water fall, but I went back and found no one. They were all gone. I went into the room and called the children. No one appeared. I looked around everywhere and under everything. No one appeared. This one girl came over and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was looking for the people. I then tried vacuuming to get them to come out, but it didn’t work. I told the girl that my imagination must have worn off. I felt guilty for what I did.