Sleep Paralysis #2

Date: 3/1/2017

By kidneypunch

I just had another Sleep Paralysis Dream. It began as a guy yelling at me to cut him, (This is the regular dream) and I did, but he said that it wasn't good enough. I tried again; but harder; and after a few times he grabbed the knife from me. He began to try and persuade my brother; Ryan; to cut him and try to get him into it. He suddenly grabbed Ryan and cut him. So I lunged at him and grabbed the knife . Ryan ran off with the man following him. I met them near the stairs and the guy suddenly freaked out. (This is when the SP started) He began to wipe blood all over his face, licking his lips and suddenly he pointed his finger at me. As he pointed; my body went stiff and I fell to the floor. My head ended up hanging off the first step and the guy just continued to point at me. M body would end up stiffening more and I tried to scream, but again, I couldn't. I had closed my eyes; so I wouldn't have to look at him; and that's when I woke up.