Home Fire Alone

Date: 3/26/2017

By e6life

*I don't remember much of this dream. I'll try to write what I can recall.* I was alone at my old house (I moved about two years ago). I'm guessing this all took place quite a few years back, as many of my old and now deceased cats were in the house. I was in my old room. In fact, while living at my old house, I had transferred my room across the hall. In this dream, I was situated in the first of my old rooms. Anywho, I remember lying down, about to nap, when one of my old neighbors (as a child again) came to my window. He was yelling for my attention, which kinda pissed me off. I lugged myself out of bed and, once I had made my way to the window, groggily asked what was wrong. Apparently, my house was on fire! Instantly, I perked up and punched out the window screen. Lizard (an old, now deceased cat) was then free to jump outside to escape a possible house burning down upon him. Afterwards, I dashed out to the living room to tend to my other cats. I opened the back door and completely smashed out another window. After the exits were all made, I noticed how little the fires were. Three tiny flames had started. One in the microwave, one behind the television, and the last I can't recall. Figuring I could easily extinguish them, I scooped up a cup of water and after a few cupfuls on each flame, put them all out (WARNING: Those were all electrical fires. Never put out real electrical fires with water!). Once the fires were gone, I hurried to close up any doors or windows I had opened. Before I could finish, I woke up.