Date: 6/22/2017

By malarai

So I had a dream I was down at my grandmas house. She lives down on a farm estate, so basically it's just a large farm... with housing. Usually, the people who had a job there would get the house. Anyway, it felt like a video game. There were lots of like, NPC type animals that came from nowhere. I wasn't really sure how to fight them. I had grapple hooks though, it was cool because I could just fling myself all over the show. I was grappling through a field, and I ended up on a large mountain that isn't actually there in real life. Anyway, there was a MASSIVE snake. It turned out to be a nice snake. The snake could speak, it fell in love with me apparently. Then it bit me and it was sad. Then I woke up. Why do my dreams make no sense?