Random Nonsense.

Date: 2/21/2017

By kidneypunch

It began with myself walking through these fields and there were monsters rampaging through the fields. Later, I'm somewhere else and I left because someone was pissing me off. For no reason, relating to the dream at all, I had an Ipod and a Razor. I left again, and someone came after me. There were these weird stores, build weird. I kept walking, when I got back, it all changed. There was this big gun fight and I saved one of the guys. I told them about the monsters, we walked over a little ways and the monsters came out. Later again, I'm in this office, there was a man showing another man around and he said something that I couldn't catch. He tells the man that the land is beautiful outside. We proceeded outside and the land was perfect. Everyone starts gathering outside and they announce someone. This girl comes out with wings and she's like an angel or something.