Following a crazy fugitive.

Date: 6/8/2017

By Argon3000

There was a news story about this crazy fugitive that was going around the country, beating people up for who knows what. the news networks and local police departments wanted people to help find him. we were wanted that he was quite dangerous. And that he knows how to kill. All of a sudden, he runs to Dallas‚Äč. I hope in my car and drive to the downtown area. They find him trying to rob a gas station. Surprisingly, I was close to him. I got to the gas station mini Mart and power walked inside. There he was, stolen military clothing on, with boots and everything, and a bandana covering his face. For some reason he was wielding a ruler as a weapon, which was odd. I pursue him, but he runs out. But then, he gets in his mini truck and smashes into the store. I run up to his truck and smash the windshield with my feet. He's annoyed at this point, so he backs out. He gets out of the truck, and head for a parking garage. I give chase. We end up at the top of the parking garage, where police and other people on the search for him were looking for him. As we entered the 3rd level of the Garage, a man tackle the fugitive , and he gave up. Police identified him as 28 year old And Cohen, a disgruntled It worker who was tired of his life and wanted to prove to his girlfriend he wasn't a wimp, so he went on a rampage across the country to prove himself to her. Too bad for him, it was cut short.