3 Sleep experiences at one night

Date: 1/27/2019

By Gugu_Matias

This is the craziest experience of my entire life. First of all, when I fall asleep the first thing that happened to me was a sleep paralysis. And I had another. TWO FREAKING SLEEP PARALYSIS AT THE SAME NIGHT. I’m not going to describe it because this is not the main history here. Okay. When The second paralysis was done, I remember of being in a car with my family in a beautiful city. I recognized the city (I was probably wrong and you probably don’t know the city) So that’s when I realized. WTF. I CANNOT BE HERE! WAIT A MINUTE! THIS IS A DREAM!! (So from here this is a lucid dream). This might sound a bit weird and unbelievable, but from this moment I started felling some kind of vibration plus a weird buzzing at my left ear (It was hurting a little bit as well). I don’t know how to describe it well. It was really weird and I felt it for THE FREAKING ENTIRE DREAM. Then I decided to get outta the car so I could enjoy the lucid dream. But my sister started crying and yelling at me (in the car). I got worried and scared. So I got out and started running away from there. I’m at a really high place, but downwards there’s a big pool near the ocean and I see someone in the pool. I don’t recognize him or her so I decided to try if I can kinda wishing who that person was. I can’t. The person I wanted was not there. I don’t even know who the heck was that person. I decided to put my hand in the water first. I can fell it cold and wet. That was freaking cool. Okay, time to jump. I try to reach the person swimming (I know that’s dumb, but it was my first real lucid dream) but the way looks further. I don’t remember much after this. Okay. Now I don’t have any form. I mean that I don’t have a body. Like for real. I didn’t felt my body, everything was dark. WTF IS GOING ON HERE? I decided to focus at my hands and then they started kinda forming but almost unnoticeable. The next thing I remember was being at my bed waking up with my sister crying (my room is too far away from hers that is almost impossible to hear something that happens there). I continue my day normally (not normally because I’m not following my routine at all). I sit next to my table (in my bedroom), I take a book that I don’t have in real life to read. So I realized that I can’t read the book. MY FREAKING VISION IS NOT FOCUSING ON THE DAMN BOOK. That’s when I realized: I DIDN’T WAKE UP AT ALL! When I looked at the book, I forced my vision to focus and the dream was more stable. That’s the “wrong” part of this dream. I’m totally focused and lucid. I remembered that I could fell things such as water. So I decided to, you know... Do things I’m not supposed to do. But I didn’t feel anything and my sexual organ was weird. Really weird. The rest of the dream doesn't matter because I don’t remember well. But I remember waking up because I wanted to. The vibration and the buzzing were too strong and annoying. It’s important to say that the only thing that worked to me to improve “the quality” of the lucid dream was trying to focus on specific things. I wanted to know if you know if any part of this dream has some kind of meaning. Or WTF DOES THAT DAMN VIBRATION AND STUPID BUZZING MEAN? Ps: The order of the facts may be wrong