Volunteering At A Dentist Office

Date: 7/27/2019

By anitron

I dreamt that I was supposed to do volunteer work with a lot of different people. When everyone arrived at the dentist office we had to volunteer at, the leaders of the group said we had to travel around the town to tell people about the office, but they didn’t have any cars so we had to walk. All of us started walking around town and went to a few different locations, and at one point we ended up at a clothing store. There was nobody in it so they all left, except for me and two other girls. There was a part of the store where you could buy a pastry, and each of us were thinking about stealing a pastry and some of the clothes in the store. One of the girls said to me “Nobody will notice, and we can do it quick.” We ended up stealing a pastry for each of us, but not the clothes. There was also a weird cat at the front of the store that we were talking about. We eventually left the store and returned with the group, and nobody noticed what we did. We also went to the jail in the town for some reason and a museum, but that was it.