Uncharacteristic Behavior and that one girl everyone hates

Date: 3/10/2017

By SPcandybars

Me and four of my friends from Uni are sitting on the couch in someone's apartment (it doesn't look like any of ours). We're taking shots and laughing like a typical Saturday night. Then one of my friends brings up some girl she hates and the conversation turns to talking major trash about this girl. I'm a little confused so I asked who we were talking about. They were talking about a girl I said I knew from high school that we met during an Asian Student Association function/festival. Apparently they've had multiple run ins with this girl that I knew and at this point couldn't stand her. She's been moving in on one of my other friend's crush or something. Just when I was about to respond, there was a knock on the door. I went to answer it and found some handsome but greasy looking guy that I feel like was our friend and some girl that I feel like I kind of know. She said "I need your help getting home" and I exit the apartment with my friends laughing in the background. Eventually, I end up holding this girl up by the waist with this guy that I seemed to be friends with. We came to a table and two chairs in the concrete apartment hallway. The guy leaves and walks towards a set of stairs while the girl and I sit. She begins talking about how she's settling into Uni and how she wants to join the Kabuki club to "learn more about western customs." I'm checked out for most of the conversation, trying to figure out if I actually know her and why she keeps talking to me. She continues talking and eventually I settle to myself that I hate this girl too. I stood up from the table while she was still talking walked towards the railing because I started to hear laughing. Down below are my four friends paired in twos. I yell for them and the scream my name and race to two separate staircases. When they're all near me and that girl, I ask them what they were doing. One friend said they're racing to the pool and another friend said "we were looking for you two." The friend who said that's face became extremely distorted suddenly but no one really reacted to it. She exclaimed, "Everyone hates her!" Pointing to the girl "and I'm sick of talking about how much we hate you when we already know we hate you" I didn't really have a reaction and the rest of my friends and even the girl that this hate was aimed at were equally blank-faced. Above me, I can hear some guy talking and I look up. Then, in my periphery, I see glowing green light. I looked over to see a vending machine sitting just adjacent to the set of stairs the guy from earlier walked to. Breaking the silence, I begin giggling and running towards that vending machine and my friends begin doing the same, leaving the girl we all hate at the table she was sitting at. Once we're in front of the machine, I pull out a $12 bill (I assume it's like the shrinky-dink fun bills from Futurama) and stare at nothing until I see a box of jumb two packs of nerds rope. I fumble with my $12 bill for a minute and grab a hand full of the nerds ropes and begin walking down the stairs. Halfway down, my $12 bill burst into 12 Canadian $1 bills. As I'm standing, the girl we all hate is still in my sights. She's sitting, unbothered, like no one shouted in her face a moment ago or ditched her for a vending machine and a box full of candy. Then, the guy from earlier walks down a flight of stairs across the hall and walks by that girl's table. He looks even greasier than before as he stops and begins delivering the cheesiest sounding pick up lines to her as if he hadn't just been walking with her. My friends are all around me at the center of the stairs when he points at us and says "those girls think they're special to me but you're next LEVEL right now!" My friends and I just looked at each other funny for a minute before laughing really hard because none of us ever wanted to date him.