You Killed My Brother

Date: 4/21/2017

By seascarlet

I was at a party with my sister and we were using chalky crayons (pastels maybe?) to draw rainbow beards and mustaches on our faces. Then the dream changed and I was a different girl, a stranger. It was an earlier time, the 40s maybe, and rural. I was at a similar party and I was looking for the boy who ran my brother over and killed him. I and everyone there were teenagers. I found the boy and backed him into a shed. I told him I was the sister of the boy he killed. Before he could respond, I took a small brown bottle of something from a table in the shed, soaked a rag with it and started suffocating the boy. He quickly went unconscious and then his nose started bleeding. I knew he was dying. Then I thought about how my mother had felt when my brother was killed, and imagined how this boy's mother would feel once he was dead. It made me stop. The dream ended with me trying to get him help.