Moon Dream

Date: 2/21/2019

By CaliToAR

First started out playing tag with a large group of people at an abandoned farm. I was hiding inside and needed to outrun them to get to “safety” (a tree). Then it shifts to me driving an old truck at night. The moon is huge and over time starts flashing weird colors. Then it starts moving in the sky like a UFO. I pull out my phone and try to record it. The car is still going like it’s on auto drive. I start running out of gas so I pull over at a random gas station. There are two options. One for regular gas (right pump), the other is for emergencies only. I pick up the right pump and push start but as it’s going it starts spraying everywhere. It got all over me and some in my mouth. I could kind of taste it too, like acid. I ran inside to get help from the clerk. He’s an older white guy. He doesn’t want to help at first but then points to the sink in the back room. As I’m washing the gas off, a middle aged woman comes inside looking for me, like she’s trying to capture me. The man tells her he doesn’t know where I am so she leaves. He comes back to the room I’m in and tells me I need to hide because even though she’s gone, she had someone there still watching the place. He was in a blue car parked behind hers. After that I woke up

AI generated interpretation Based on your dream, there are several key themes and symbols that can be analyzed. It is important to remember that dream interpretation is subjective, and the true meaning can vary based on your personal experiences and emotions. With that in mind, here are some possible interpretations for your dream: 1. Playing tag at an abandoned farm: This could symbolize a desire for freedom, escape, or a sense of adventure. The abandoned farm may represent hidden aspects of yourself or unresolved issues from the past. 2. Hiding and running towards safety: This suggests that you may be experiencing some form of fear or anxiety in your waking life, and you are seeking refuge or a sense of security. 3. Driving an old truck at night: The truck and nighttime setting might represent a journey or transition in your life. It could signify that you are navigating through the unknown or trying to find your way. 4. Moon flashing weird colors and moving like a UFO: The moon often symbolizes emotions, intuition, and the subconscious mind. The strange colors and movement could indicate a disruption or confusion within your emotions or thoughts, as well as a need to explore the unknown or unfamiliar aspects of your psyche. 5. Recording the phenomenon on your phone: This may suggest a desire to document or understand your experiences or emotions. It also signifies the need to communicate or share your experiences with others. 6. Running out of gas and choosing the wrong pump: This can represent feeling drained, exhausted, or lacking energy in your daily life. Choosing the wrong pump may indicate making poor decisions or feeling as though your attempts to recharge or refuel are not working as planned. 7. Experience with the gas station clerk: The older white guy in the dream may symbolize wisdom or guidance. While initially unwilling to assist, he eventually offers a solution. This might suggest that help or support may not always come from the expected sources, but it is still available to you. 8. Being chased by a woman: The middle-aged woman may represent an internal conflict or a perceived threat in your waking life. She may symbolize someone or something that is trying to control or capture you, either physically or emotionally. 9. Hiding from the woman and her accomplice: This reflects a need to protect yourself or to find a safe haven, even after the primary threat has left. It suggests a lingering sense of caution or vigilance. Overall, this dream seems to convey feelings of fear, vulnerability, and the need for safety. It may reflect a desire for guidance, support, or a sense of control in the face of challenging circumstances. Consider exploring any unresolved emotions or situations that could be influencing these themes in your waking life.