Offering a part-time job

Date: 2/7/2017

By Finami

I was walking through town, seeing a great amount of stands and renovated buildings running a variety of businesses. Some were Chinese food while others were based around tailoring and shoe-shining. I skipped all of those to see a clean building that stood out as haughty and out of place. Out of curiosity, I walked inside to see what they provided. Apparently, there was a photo shoot going on inside. A few portraits were hung on the plain walls. I could easily conclude this was a photo shoot for an up and coming clothing design. The company went by some original name I could not recall. This was not what I expected. I wanted to get out of here. People were observing me with predatory eyes. I didn't want to be any part of this suspicious franchise. I got chills from the front desk alone. A photographer came up and exclaimed, "Ah, it's you! I was expecting you!" I wanted her to clarify. From her view, she had seen me walking around the town for a while. She was trying to figure out a way to offer me a part time modeling proposal. I asked what kind of modeling we were talking about here. She proceeded to explain this would only be about clothes and nothing else. She despised being part of playboy magazines. I felt my shoulders relax at that. The woman also said this was her hobby alongside being a college counselor. It was extra to keep her long time interest in fashion alive. Unlike the others here, she seemed to be approachable. She hadn't even asked me to sign a contract; she simply let me try out the photo shoot, to get a feel as a volunteer model. This was non profit with no strings attached. I wondered why not. Cameras flashed for a few minutes before she gave me her card, scheduling with me to come by again. I nodded and left the building, walking through the summer street back home. I guess I lived in my own apartment with a roommate that only came back at nighttime. I put the groceries I was carrying all day beside the fridge, stocking it with more food so I could cook later. I lounged on my bed with a manga in hand. I had left off on a page I saved for later. Proceeding through my book, I felt myself sigh contentedly. I was satisfied with my life and how I gained a sense of responsibility. I found if I could help someone else with this fair modeling job, it might get even better.