Savers & costumed ball

Date: 4/28/2019

By arthurconan

Had a dream where in the beginning I was at Savers and they were talking about firing all the old staff and replacing them because apparently they had had too many theft issues. Lady in charge was kind of bossing people around but it was apparently because the old staff wouldn't follow guidelines. Next part of the dream I was at a costumed/masquerade ball and was watching from 3rd person as someone ascended a spiral staircase in order to reach a guy sitting in a throne at the top of the steps. As he went up I saw Daredevil in full costume waiting to spring into action, also a big crocodile or alligator guy who was also a superhero but no one suspected because it was presumed to be a good costume. When guy 1 reached guy 2 at the throne he knocked him onto the floor somehow, I was expecting chaos to break loose but instead 2 looked at 1's black polished shoes with admiration. I also recall a part of the dream where Shannon was describing Doctor Who episodes to me and I could recall the titles as she described them.