Dream: New Titan In Town

Date: 2/12/2017

By Ecnelis_Lataf

I dreamt I was my superhero OC Dahlia Zeroni (Danger Zone) who has appearance alteration powers and darkness manipulation powers. So in the dream she'd grown up having an abusive mother who didn't want to accept that her child was a freak (Dahlia was adopted) and she'd met Garfield (Beast Boy's real name) when they were younger. He helped her feel normal and like it was okay for her to just be who she was. But she'd only shown him her appearance alteration gift. He called her Dazy cuz he thought Dahlia was too serious lol So she had met him before he got his powers. Before he turned green lol Her mom found out she'd shown her powers to him and her mom forced them to move away. Fast forward to like 5-6 years later. Beast boy is now a teen titan and Dahlia was taken from the streets by Nightwing. He'd run into her as she was fighting some thugs to try and survive. He teamed up with her but she'd been bleeding heavily. Titans tower was closer than any hospital so he took her there. Again she'd not used her darkness manipulation powers so no one knew of that side to her. Cyborg is helping patch up Dahlia while everyone else (stsrfire, raven, beast boy, blue beetle, robin) are trying to get Nightwing to explain who she is. Turns out he'd actually been sent to find her by Batman and members of the Justice League because they had learned of her and her powers and wanted to be sure she wasn't an enemy. Dahlia wakes up as Cyborg is cleaning one of her wounds and she looks up at him in confusion. "I'm awake. I can heal it." She says in a tired voice as she sits up. He watches in surprise as her wounds completely heal over. "Appearance alteration. A type of shape shifting. One plus side is my body is quick at regeneration." She explains. It goes from there. Cyborg leads Dahlia out front. Dahlia smiles to them and looks to Nightwing, thanking him for the rescue. She explains that those thugs had killed her mother for the debt she'd owed and were planning to take her down next. She'd just finally gotten caught by them. "You don't sound so remorseful to lose her." Beast Boy says. "Garfield...that's not something..." Starfire starts to scold him. Dahlia put up a hand to stop her. "He's right. I'm not all that sorry to lose her. She wasn't my birth mother. She adopted me. Once she learned I was freak...she beat me so that I would never tell anyone what I really was." Beast Boy clenched his fists at that. Dahlia placed a hand on his shoulder. "Your name is Garfield, right?" Beast Boy looked in her eyes, the others watching the scene. Dahlia removed her hand and took on the appearance she had when they were kids. "Thank you for being my friend Garfield." Beast Boy's eyes widened as she took on her actual appearance again. "Dazy?" "It's been a long time. I'm sorry it took me so long to find you." Dahlia told him. The others had mixed expressions of surprise and confusion as Beast Boy pulled her into a tight hug. Fast forward to late that night. Nightwing stuck around at Titans Tower and gave a report on who Dahlia Zeroni was. However, he also explained that she hadn't shown the darkness manipulation powers they said she had. While Nightwing gave his report, Dahlia was hanging out with Beast Boy in his room. "I'm glad you're alive. I honestly thought...I mean.." he started but couldn't say it. She smiled, "That my mom had finally killed me off? No. She was too scared of me." They caught up some and Starfire made the rare exception and let Dahlia crash in Beast Boy's room. He pretty much just held her through the night as they slept. So fast forward even more. Like a year later. "Dazy...what are you doing here?" Demi asked her as she led her to her office. (Demi is a cleric like oc of mine.) Dahlia (now known as Dazy) staggers into the office and waits for the door to get shut. She removes her jacket to show two long cuts down her back that were bloody. (Think like where wings would sprout from.) "Why aren't they healing?" Demi asked, knowing about Dazy's powers. She shook her head. "I don't know. We were tracking Jackal and he threw some kind of explosive. Next I knew two huge wings shot out my back but then dissolved back in it and left those cuts. I barely made it here Demi. I didn't tell the others what happened. Just that I needed to see you. Please." "Jackal? What did the explosive look like?" Demi asked as her eyes gained a faint silver glow and she started to heal Dazy' s wounds. "Cylinder. Black with silver rims. Green cross atop a violet star." Dazy told her. Demi finished healing her and looked her over. "Take me to Titans Tower. If it had that effect on you then Garfield might be in trouble." Dazy nodded and waited for Demi to close up her clinic for the day. Dazy' s eyes turned pitch black as she pulled Demi into a hug. "Don't hold your breath." Demi nodded as they dropped through the floor via a dark shadow. Alarms sounded in Titans tower as a dark hole spiraled into formation in the coms room. Raven watched in horror as the others all prepared for the possible threat. Dazy slowly came out of it while holding Demi. The dark hole vanished and Dazy's eyes returned to normal. She let go of Demi only to stagger some. "Where's...Garfield...?" She managed. Demi helped steady her. "Cyborg has him in the infirmary." Starfire explained. "What's going on Dazy?" Raven asked, still on edge by the sudden appearance of Dazy's darkness powers. "I'll explain after." Demi told them. They headed to the infirmary. Beast Boy had cuts down his back as if spikes had emerged and vanished down his spine. He was curled on the infirmary bed in pain. "Cyborg...how is he?" Dazy asked as she went to Beast Boy's side and held to his hand. "100 degree fever and rising. His powers went haywire after that explosion." Cyborg explained. Dazy removed her jacket to show the scars leftover from Demi healing her. "Mine too." Cyborg stared in surprise. He looked to Demi whose eyes were glowing a bright silver now. "The hell are you--" he started. "She's a healer. She's trying to help." Dazy stopped him. Beast Boy was unconscious. His breathing ragged. "Why'd it do so much more to him than it did you?" Cyborg asked her. Dazy looked down. "Because his original genetics are human. Mine...are not." "You're an alien?" Cyborg asked her. Dazy nodded weakly. "Half alien. My real mother...she was captured by a merciless bounty hunter. She was captured and he tortured and violated her. Then I was born...and she hid me away in an orphanage." She gave a small smile, "And I met my best friends years later. We'll heal Garfield. We have to." Fast forward. Hours later. Beast Boy has awoken. Dazy stayed by his side the whole time and was passed out next to his bedside. Demi had explained that the explosive was alien tech that some bounty hunters has gotten a hold of a while back. It's used to alter non-human DNA to essentially attack it's own system. Since the Martian Manhunters genetics were used to help Garfield when he first got his powers, he genetics aren't totally human anymore. However, his are more so than Dazy's which is why the non-human DNA hurt him harder. Dazy's body is able to handle higher amounts of pain. That's why it didn't effect her so badly. Dream ended with Beast Boy waking Dazy up and thanking her for staying with him.