Running Across Portland to Make the Train

Date: 7/31/2017

By toxxicduck

I was at a friends house for a small party type thing. The party part mostly took place in a basement area that looked like my friends Corey and Jordan's house, but they were not in the dream. I was with Nick D (second dream recently of him, haven't seen him since like 2008), and a guy who looked like Jesse, but wasn't him. There was also a guy who looked like Louie C.K. And a bunch of people I do not remember, just random party people. The Jesse guy was in a band and was super outgoing and funny. He wore a purple jacket and top hat, like the Mad Hatter. I thought he was super hot and had a massive crush on him (which is gross, because real life Jesse is NOT any of those things). I was a little bit drunk in the dream and going around talking to everyone really outgoingly (very uncharacteristic of me). Its weird how being drunk in a dream, I don't FEEL drunk, I just know I am and am acting like I normally do when drunk, but this time I was funny and charming and everyone liked everything I had to say. I remember talking with Nick and remembering that I had actually been to this house before with him a LONG time ago (I'm starting to think I had a dream in this house before but I am not sure), and Nick used to live here as a roommate before he moved away. It felt really nostalgic talking about it. Might mention I did meet Nick in 5th grade and knew him all through high school until I switched schools, but we weren't good friend or anything. It's just weird. Anyway, Jesse was the life of the party, bringing out games or telling stories that made everyone laugh. At one point Nick and the others were playing board games together and Jesse and I were the only ones without a game, so we played a card game together. I was so excited about this I felt like I was going to explode. Then there was some bustle as people were getting ready to leave. I realized that this person's house was way out in the middle of nowhere and I had no idea how to get back home without a car. Louie was saying he was about to head off and I asked him for a ride to either my house, or the nearest train station if that was more convenient. But he was just like "yeah, no." Wow, way to be a dick Louie, not taking a drunk girl home. So I was forced to find my way home. I left the house and went up the street. I am now remembering that the house was on a weird sandy inlet, that was like that area in Fallout 4 where that ghoul mansion is. I walked up the street until I found a main road, and new there had to be at least a bus stop nearby. I found a bus stop and Nick and Jesse were there waiting for it too. We got on the bus and it took us to a transit center that was underground, like a subway. When the bus stopped we had to hurry to the nearby train station to make the train. I ran as fast as I could behind Nick up an escalator, out of the underground place, and across an urban plaza thing with a water fountain in the center. Suddenly we were running through the city, but looking at it from far away. Portland was inside of a massive cave. A city within a cave, and it was on top of a water fall. Across the waterfall was another waterfall that was even taller and huger. It was insane! As we ran through the city, ancient ruins covered in moss began to bubble up from the water at the top of the waterfall, and we discovered that Portland was built on top of an ancient civilization. The ruins looked like the Mayan pyramids but were really worn down as if spending thousands of years with water eroding them. We continued to run through the city, but we moved as if in a bus now. I was able to look at the scenery around me. The buildings of Portland looked old and yellow stone as if they were the ancient ruins, but still city buildings with windows and covered in graffiti. As we passed by one building, some army guys came around a corner with their guns up, checking out the area. I was super worried and interested in it but we just kept going and when we left the area I forgot about. Then we were in a subway tunnel again, still running to a train station. We had to run down a zigzag flight of stairs down to the platform. There were a bunch of people on it waiting. Nick abruptly stopped running, then turned to Jesse and said "she's here." Jesse froze and peeked up over the railing of the stairs to see. I was like "what? Who? Where?" But Nick grabbed my hand and continued to run to the platform. Now we were running there to avoid being seen by whoever the girl was. As we came near, there was a girl with blonde hair up in two braided buns on her head. She was wearing a black dress with a blue see through cape. She looked at me and said something mocking, and I knew that this girl was a vampire, Jesse's ex-girlfriend, and extremely dangerous. I hoped that she wouldn't notice Jesse. At the platform, the woman began to attack us with magic. The train tracks were a river now and Nick and I leapt across it. I don't know where Jesse went, he just disappeared as soon as Nick said "she's here". The vampire girl was using magic to shoot ice at us with the river water. Nick and I made it across the river, and thats when I woke up.