Heartbroken Over No-Name

Date: 9/6/2019

By briannagio

I was talking to someone (romantically) [he kept changing into a bunch of different guys that I know throughout the dream], but he apparently broke things off because of something really insignificant that I did. While we were together, I had posted a bunch of memes on Instagram about being in a relationship, and I wanted to delete them, but I was afraid to do it so soon after things ended. The next day, I was in my Film Appreciation class with Blake, and the boy was in the back of the room on a couch with Daniel Delahunty. I was still upset, and Blake tried to cheer me up. I went to work the next day, and they had moved some of the desks into a different room and lined them up like school desks. The lady two desks in front of me turned to me and told me that my desk has better lighting and she asked me if we could switch spots. I looked out of the window next me and saw that it was dark outside, so I assumed she meant during the day. I figured she’s more sensitive to lighting than I am since she’s older and I have good eye sight. I also saw that her desk was next to Blake’s so I thought “I’ll be able to have fun at work again!” I told her I’d go see if it was okay with our manager. I went into Dede’s office, but it was empty besides two chairs—one of which was taken by a lady who looks like Sofa’i, but it was not actually her. I asked her if she was the manager, and she giggled and said no. I realized that she was probably waiting to be interviewed for a job. When I turned to leave the room, Edwina was walking over (she was apparently our new manager), so I asked her about the desks. I walked over to the printer and saw the boy that broke up with me walking past me with a big cart. He was working at Onsite as an IT guy. I was nervous that things would be super awkward, but we didn’t pay much attention to each other. A girl around my age asked me about the boy and I, and I told her that he ended things. She wasn’t surprised because she was close with him and she said that he tends to find any little flaw to use as an excuse to break up with every girl he’s with. Shortly after, he came and sat down with me. He put his hand on my knee and apologized for being a jerk. I thought he was going to ask me to get back together, but I looked at his phone and saw that he was deleting all of my posts about him from the “tagged” section of his account. I was at a movie theater, where they put on low-budget, live shows of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf and Shrek the Halls. They were playing Shrek this particular night, but I had a memory of seeing the Grinch there before. Before each show, they have the characters take pictures with the children. One lady was having her five-year-old daughter take a picture of the rest of her kids with the Gingerbread Man. I noticed that all of the pictures were either of her fingers in front of the camera or of the floor. I offered to take the pictures for her, and that’s when they decided to take an entire photoshoot with every character. One of the kids had me take a picture of her and Lord Farquaad but from a distance so that she could make the pun “Lord FARquaad.”