Date: 3/14/2019

By Talon

i had a bag of my things packed and i was staying at at a house with a bunch of people that i didn't know. the house was enormous. one of the rooms we were in look exactly like my grandma's family room. (when we lived there when I was a kid, my older brother, myself and my dad all slept in that room. my brother and i on a bunk bed, my dad on a recliner.) in the dream, i began coughing and could not stop. i was coughing up phlegm and it was not getting any better. the other in the room began to panic, because they were experiencing symptoms too. someone concluded that somebody must have poisoned the house by putting chemicals in the vents. we all decided to leave. something must have been going on outside too, because we were able to go to a car lot and take the biggest vehicles.we could find for free. they had to be big enough to fit everyone. we took a large pickup truck and a blue cargo van. we began to drive and ended up in San Diego. we arrived at our destination. there were lots of Christmas lights everywhere, and it was beautiful. the entire part of the city was decorated this way. we stopped at a large building to rest. there were people scrambling to use the computers to use the internet. i couldn't get to one, so i opted to use my phone. i found a comfy chair to sit in. i was singing a song, when suddenly, a man with a gun burst through the door. the woman who was in charge of our group tried to fight him, but he defeated her. something inside me told me to keep singing, and to sing it did. the man decided to take control of everyone and commanded them all to get in this vehicle he had, which meant that their fate was sealed. something bad was going to happen to them. then he looked at me and said, "not you. you sit up here with me". i did, because i didn't want to be killed....but i looked back at my friends and began to sob. dream skipped. i was at an amusement park. there weren't many people there...which was odd. sara, charles and myself were about to get on one of the rollercoasters. we had to crawl through this hole was a hole in a wall. we were in a room, and that was the only exit. i went first, and panicked a little because it was small and i was afraid of getting stuck. we made it out....and went on the ride. it ended up being a LOT bigger than i remembered. i had been on this one before... the first hill was extremely steep...almost straight up in the air going up at a 90° angle. the drop was not as steep....then it went through a green field with hardly any bumps. i was strapped in well this time.