Turn Left at the Lava Pit

Date: 6/30/2016

By notTherese

My friends and I were at a house party and we had to do a scavenger hunt. I collected almost 40% of the objects but ran out of time. My friends and I hid in the attic. It was deserted, and we couldn't figure out why. We found a voodoo kit and all of a sudden one of my friends started speaking with a different voice. She spoke that my best friend would die in a pit of lava on Tuesday at 1:56am and if her prophecy was not fulfilled all hope would be lost. She took it pretty well and decided if that was her destiny, she would complete it. I waited until my parents left to go party before we took her to the pit, but my mom stopped me at the door. I told her about the voodoo and she was terrified that I was dealing with dark arts but I insisted on going and my other mother backed me up, so I left. There were very specific directions to get to the lava pit. I had to turn left at the pit when I got there and I almost forgot to, but when I did we said our goodbyes and threw her in. We were a little early, not exactly on the dot, so I tried to pull her out and wait a bit longer but there didn't seem to be any repercussions.