im always confused or angry, but whats new

Date: 6/25/2017

By claire_davis

The hallways of my school seemed sadder and more drab than they usually are. There were no windows on the classroom doors like there normally is. A woman with grey shoulder length hair and glasses standing behind a classroom door motions me to come over to her. In my dream I was supposed to make up a big test and she was trying to tell me to come take that test. I told her to wait a second while I went to my locker. When I opened up the door to the classroom, I noticed it was way different than it usually is. It was half its real size and the ceiling was higher. It was painted a cheap cream color. There was little room to walk between the desks because it was so full of students/backpacks and because the room was so small. There were windows at the back but no light shown through them because they were covered with big, grey blinds. I sat down. I expected everyone to already be taking the test but instead they were all working on the problems projected onto the screen at the front of the classroom. I was told it was calculus. I didn't know shit but I pretended I did. I felt worried and nervous and uncomfortable. I think my friend Nataly was there. The class seemed like it was for students who needed extra help with math, or for the problem students. I remember not wanting to take the test, so I guess that's why I stayed. The teacher (woman with grey shoulder length hair and glasses) emphasized how important it was to be doing your work and to get the problems correct. I was worried because I wasn't doing those things. The class was then told by my english teacher, Mrs Zimmer, that we had to go upstairs to the English Department classrooms to learn about something. It was something I wasn't interested in or wasn't looking forward to. The class walked up the stairs to the top floor. The top floor did not have any walls and it was very sunny outside. It had sandstone tiles for the floor. It looked like some ancient architecture. It was very pretty. It felt like the morning even though it was supposed to be after school. It was very warm. The top floor was on a hill. It looked like a neighborhood near my house. As I'm walking up the stairs, I tell Nataly that I really don't want to go to the presentation. I tell her that I think I might just ditch so I can skip it, which is something that I would never do if I was awake. I start walking down the hill away from the "school. " The sidewalk is very chopped up and there are weeds growing in between the cracks. I run into my old friend Aricin and his friends I think? They are very loud. They ask where I am going. I suddenly remember that I have no idea where to go, so I turn around to walk back up the steep hill. I didn't want to get lost. I was sweating a lot because it was hot outside and I didn't want to walk up the hill. Then all of the sudden, a red Toyota pulls up text to me. For some reason everyone called it a Lamborghini so I went along with it as well. The man driving it is the person that plays Jughead's dad from Riverdale, a show I watched for two days and then became uninterested in, so that doesn't make any sense (but then again my dreams never make sense). For some reason I flirt with him in order to get a ride up the hill. In real life, not only is that borderline illegal, but I would never do that??? He says no so I give up and start walking up the hill. Then I wake up. The End.