Dating Filthy Frank

Date: 8/22/2017

By toxxicduck

I had a dream where I was dating Filthy Frank, the YouTuber. I don't much care for this YouTuber, but my 12 year brother was showing me a bunch of his videos last night. I was with him in a sketchy back alley kind of place in the city, which I think as supposed to be NYC. Filthy Frank was running around pranking people by shooting a fake but realistic looking double barrel shotgun at people which would just shoot a bunch of confetti. I was the one filming it and thought it was pretty mean making people think they were about to be blasted by a shotgun. Then he went up to a car full of gangster looking people and pulled the prank on them. The gangsters inside got so furious at us that they took out their real guns and began to shoot at us. We ran away down the alley in terror and they chased after us. We ran and hid behind some boxes at this warehouse looking area on the docks. I was so furious at Filthy Frank for being such an idiot shooting a fake gun at some REAL gangsters. I thought "why am I even dating this person?!" He apologized for scaring me but also said running in fear from real gangsters was totally worth it.