what would you do?

Date: 1/30/2017

By Laysundra

I woke up to a dream where I was held against my will and was asked to betray the person I love in my dream. So while I wrote a coded note the person who had me against my will wanted me to destroy the one I loves sword or weapon of choice. So I played along while the one I loved gave me a look of hurt and betrayal.. so when the person who had me against my will gives me a key ring with dressing on it.. I lick off the dressing and fit the key ring to the one I love while the person who had me against my will was hit in the face so to speak by my actions while I tell the person I love the message was coded.. then it switched to where I was in a room my mom was trying to give me a bag of wet cat food from a can of wet cat food when soap suds came out of no where and I was like what happened so she tells me and is cleaning it up while I hug a brother then tells the one I love we should wait til tomorrow since it's 9:15pm and dark but he wants to leave anyways for the mountain passes and that's where I wake up.. just a twisted tale that's for sure..