my boy

Date: 2/12/2017

By matchamano

its a continuation of a previously forgotten dream. a dream that, if i didn't get to dream this, i wouldn't even remember. although i remember the dream, there's one major thing that even my mind can't decided which one is correct. its just blurred between two identities. if i have to concise, basically on the previous dream i had sex with someone. on one side of my memories is that she's my ex who are gonna get married but before shes married she wanted to have a last time to remember me with. and on the other side she's my somewhat cousin, but our family was so far removed even if we marry, the gene is still strong. the last dream ended with the news that she's pregnant, but don't know who the father is. me or their own partner. now moving to this dream, well, she give birth to a boy. and after the hospital perform test, the boy is mine. of course we keep it a secret. but the weird thing is, its like i have this two different version of the same dream playing simultaneously. one its my child with my ex, the other is mine with my cousin far removed. there are no conflict whatsoever, both of them wanted to keep it a secret. and involve me completely. its just, felt so surreal. i have a child, something that i wanted to. but with someone's wife. damn