Glowing Weeds, Puppeted by a Crazy Lady

Date: 3/21/2017

By seascarlet

1: I was with a group of people by a railroad track in a park just before dark. Their dog got loose and ran away, and they were really upset about it. I was sitting in the grass focusing on some light green weeds that looked like a cross between berries and broccoli. When I squeezed them in my hands their juice stung, and also glowed in the dark. I decided I'd risk the stinging and possible health hazard again to have glow-in-the-dark hands. I picked several of them and squeezed them all over my hands, walked over to a railroad car and put two glow-in-the-dark handprints on it. Focusing on those handprints somehow allowed us to see into the past and the future. We saw everything from the fact that their dog ran away after a chicken that was taunting it, to the fact that there was not going to be any kind of second coming of any god. 2: I was in a large K-mart, lying on the ground asleep next to a playground in the toy section. A woman came in with her teenage daughter, and with my eyes squinted I saw her look at me in disgust. I stayed pretending to be asleep to see what would happen. The woman sat down with her daughter next to me and propped me up. "Look at this pathetic drunk," she said. Then she proceeded to dance me around on the ground like a puppet while giving her daughter a lecture about the evils of drinking. A couple of times I opened my eyes and smiled and winked at the daughter, unbeknownst to the mom. Later when telling the story to a friend, I said people are crazy and when they see someone laying on the ground, they just can't leave them alone and have to play with them like a toy or something.