Sometimes 'The Enemy of My Enemy' is still a bad guy.

Date: 6/23/2019

By Fitful

I was part of some odd alien resistance faction on the planet. I had a group of people I was leading, they were following me. I had been taken over in some way, like a semi conscience zombie, several times and had gone off planet to do who knows what. I and another, a man, was leading the group to where I could remember going. We walked down an odd dirt path. There was a trailer park in the middle of the city, which I found surprising. I was going where I didn't know, kinda like muscle memory. We walked and walked and it was easy walking, between side streets and over dirt roads. Dirt roads in the middle of the city. We made our way to a large lane intersection I went one way and my direction recall stopped. The man took over and I remembered. He led the way just a bit towards the intersection. I followed but then stopped when is aw it. It was a truck depot where this huge deliver truck would pull into a building the size of a fire station and then it would reform the truck as it offloaded the cargo and repair it for more road travel and delivery. But that was the cover. This was actually a train off world. The group behind me of our resistance faction were slightly skeptical, but fascinated when they realized it was true. However an organization like that would have too much security to get off world via that route so we went back to headquarters. We met with the new commander and asked to see his daughter. She was an Asian woman, a secretary, and hasn't been there long having lived a rough life and been given the job for something to do. A member of my group was her daughter. We had to get her to remember being owned by the other resistance in order to job her memory on which words would connect a portal to the other worlds. It took a bit. She was stressed and freaking out and making a scene, but finally she got it and we whizzed away in a tunnel, two of our group going ahead, then me and a few others. Six or seven in total. On the other side, in clearly a military establishment the members we sent first were knocked unconscious. The only member of the government faction conscious in the room quickly had our defacto leader in a headlock. He was the brother of the Resistance leader, was our guy, and he managed to know the secret password question through that childhood association. We were let in. It turned out this resistance group, the one we had just infiltrated and didn't agree with their methods, had just lost a leader. The aforementioned brother. Now the group was in the hands of a less experienced leader. This one was eager to show us around. Each person in the Resistance had a power, like a super power. The leader had us show him our peers so he could know how to use us in battle. One guy in my group sang Sinatra songs and could control people as he sang. That impressed him when his hands began doing things he couldn't control. The government resistance group showed us their power core. One was a person who's power was to charge others. They were very diverse and varied a group. It seemed like suddenly we were in the upper ranks of the government group merely based ok our fighting experience. ~ I was in a grocery store line and asked to donate a dollar to some charity the boy's school was raising money for. I asked him if he knew what the money was for, where it went to, what the company stood for. The mother fumbled for papers on the charity and they were ripped and torn and crushed into a ball. The boy was very bright and thanked me for asking such intelligent questions, such impossible questions. I told him they weren't impossible. That it was always important to vette whomever you were giving money towards. You had to know what they stood for and their methods and ethics and who backed them financially so your single dollar would go to actual use you would endorse and not something that would harm innocents.