The Time I almost got Raped in the waterpark mall customer support offices men's bathroom

Date: 3/10/2017

By ViaSkye

Ok, So, i had a dream that my dad took me to a water park, but he just dropped me off my myself. I was walking through the mall in the waterpark, and naturally i'm in a wet bathing suit bc i'm in a water park. So this old guy in a blue plaid shirt kinda touched my arm while i was walking. It wasn't a brush, it was an intentional touch along my arm. So i kinda took note of the guy and avoided him. I went into some store and the guy kinda followed me in. I got to the point where i was just walking down an emptier part of the mall to get out. Once i was pretty close to the entrance, this old lady grabbed my arm and said something like "C'mon honey let's go home now." and i started yelling for security, which was conveniently placed near me at the moment. The lady has another older lady that she walks me to. I'm still trying to twist out of her grip while, at the same time, telling security to help me. I said "This isn't my mom" and stuff like that. Of course she countered me, and the security guard looked just as shocked as i did angry. When i finally got out of the woman's grip, the man turned to me and said "are you sure this IS your mom, but you just did something wrong to get yelled at?" and i said something like "Yeah i'm sure, i don't know her" and then i stepped really far back and ran. The blue plaid guy saw me again, so i kept running passed him. I ran to the office the owner of the mall was in. He was a 50-60 y/o man and his wife was in the office as well. I told him what happened, and he said "Let's discuss it in private." So i went with him to the bathroom, where he told me to "lock the door" and i was like "ha ha hell no i'm not locking the door" and he started saying one word in Spanish, i can't remember what it was, but i'm assuming it was "Ven aca" which translates to "come here" in English. I was kinda sketched out and i wouldn't come around the corner, i just kinda stood by the door. He kept saying the Spanish word, and i wasn't following his commands. Then i yelled like "IF YOU RAPE ME ILL SUE YOUR ASS" And he said something like "Well don't come back here if you don't want help!" or something. Like he had clear intentions of raping me. So i asked if i could just leave. He said yes and i asked if he'd walk me out to my dads car. He said yes, then started going through beanie babies or something, after that i remember him sending me snapchats if his stuffed animals, but nothing really happened after that. So, there you have it: The dream where i almost got raped in the waterpark mall customer service men's bathroom, By the THE END