Grocery Store Thief

Date: 2/2/2017

By Nepetas_Legion

I was at work (a grocery store) just checking out this display of playing cards and dice of different shapes and colors when this girl casually grabbed some cards and walked out of the store without paying for them. It took me a couple seconds to realize she had just stole them, but luckily she was just walking so she hadn't gotten very far before I started chasing her. At that point she started running as well but she turned into a guy that looked and dressed like Jake English from Homestuck. Another employee had also noticed and was helping me chase himas well. I asked her if I should call 911, but she said not to and to just keep chasing her. After a bit of running I finally caught him climbing up a log that was being used as a ramp to somewhere. I grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back and pinned him to the ground so the other employee could grab the cards from him. For some reason we let him go, but I later saw him talking with his mom about how he wasn't actually a guy, he was a girl. His mom was like wtf and he ripped off his shirt and wig to reveal feminine clothing and long hair. She then saw me and ran over to me and started swinging punches at me. I think she got a couple hits in me before I grabbed her arm again and pinned her to the ground. Not sure what happened after that.