He’s innocent

Date: 6/16/2019

By denisa12

I had a dream that my grandma told me that my dad murdered someone and he was being arrested. At this point I became a detective or lawyer on behalf of my dad’s innocence. So me and my friends are working together to solve why he may have committed this murder, but the thing that was strange was that there was no evidence. It was literally just my dad saying he thinks he committed the murder, but didn’t even know who the victim was. For some reason, Waffle House was a meeting point for us, and we always had waffles with us. We decided to go to my house to talk about things. I walked into my kitchen, where the lights were off, but the window was still letting in a little bit of light, and I noticed that my countertops and stove were moved around and pushed out. I quickly moved everything back and remember saying that they needed to be glued down to the wall. Shortly after this, we found ourselves in a dirt area that was behind a Walmart and there were cops there. At this point, they had given us enough time to solve the mystery and were about to take my dad to jail. I suddenly stopped them and said that the reason why there’s no evidence or witnesses or anything is because he DREAMED about murdering someone, but he never actually did. And then my dad said yeah, I thought you guys knew it was a dream. And the cop released him and said that’s not an actual murder. And then I woke up.