Dreams led me to discover my fiancé cheating with hookers

Date: 10/11/2019

By Doodoo

This happened last year and i was in a rough spot in my life, so didn’t really talk or write about it. But its such a crazy experience i feel its worth writing about. So last year i was engaged to this asian guy. All was well, until i started having cryptic confusing dreams. 1st dream: from what i could remember, i was in this place that looked kinda like a forest, and it was foggy. The fog was so bad i couldn’t see, then i saw a figure in white and it was leading me to this pond with a catfish swimming in it. The catfish came up to tell me things, i dont remember too much but i remember it telling me not to trust my partner. And i was confused and kind of mat at it for telling me that. Then it started raining and the catfish warned me not to destroy the beautiful things i had built in my life. Whatever that meant, then i woke up. 2nd dream: i was in a playground where all of the slides and swings were pink. My dad was there, (i havent seen him in years, left the family when i was 5) he was saying something about some people just wanting to have fun and never growing up. I dont remember a lot but i remember feeling emotionally distraught. 3rd dream was very cryptic: i was in a house with a fortune teller lady. She was reading tarot cards to me and showed me a card with my SO holding two different women. Then i started crying and said “i shouldnt trust him should i?” And she said “what do you think?” Then i went outside and it started raining. A lightning bolt came down and struck a tree outside and it caught on fire. I was mesmerized cos the fire wasnt going out from the rain. Then someone came close to me and hugged me from behind and told me to remember that image of the tree. 4th dream: this one was creepy, it wasnt an actual dream? Idk, but there was an image of a big computer screen that wasnt moving. Then it turned on and there was white noise in the background. There was a row of tarot cards displayed on it and they were shuffling quickly, then it stopped on a card with an image of a burning tree then i woke up feeling kinda spooked 5th dream: i was in a car but i wasnt myself, i was a different person, i was in a car driving and i was looking at this map engine that looked similar to google maps. There were these places i knew i would get sex at and i was looking for them in these map engine. I remember feeling sexually excited like i have never felt before This was it, enough was enough, so i got on my so’s computer after that and researched something like ‘sex maps’ and i ended up finding this massage parlor map engine that looked exactly like the one in my dream!! It was crazy, i put in his username and password (cos the idiot had it in a sticky notes in the drawer) and he had an account. So i found out he was seeing prostitutes in massage parlors. Last dream i remember in the whole ordeal was sad. I was in my bed feeling down and my dad appeared, and he was trying to talk to me but i told him “its pointless to talk, cos you arent real this is just a dream.” And he was trying to convince me he was real and i got up to push my hand right through him and i told him see? Your not real. I dont remember the rest of the conversation after that. I was lucid in this dream.