concert / antonia

Date: 8/11/2017

By rembrandt

I was at a Tyler concert, and we were sitting at this booth at a long table on the side, but the table was the stage. Tyler offered his alc to the four of us, I took it and drank. I don't think Tyler drinks tho? He was wearing a t shirt that had words on it I can't remember but it was two words. He offered the alc to the girl sitting next to me but she said no, but eventually said yes after I took a drink. Then there was a basket of breads and olive oils. Looked more like a restaurant than a concert but it was outdoors. I think we just were able to get special seats. Also Rachel was with me. I was at Antonia's house, I brought a dog over and this red cake. She really loved the red cake. I had some of the cake too, it was delicious. Something happened and she hurt her eye, so I went to the kitchen to get ice, it took a while for me to find the plastic bags and for the ice. I found them eventually tho. She said she was surprised I was able to find them. For some reason I was trying to impress her, yet I was acting the whole time like I didn't care. She was pretty rude the entire time I was there but I just brushed it off and tried to act cool. Her family said they'd adopt the dog. I felt pretty out of place there, considering I don't know her well at all IRL, and barely ever talked to her in HS.