The Gossip Girl Plane Crash + Other Strange Things

Date: 4/8/2017

By Goldilox

I was at a public pool with some of the characters from "Gossip Girl". We were up to no good. There was a very important person swimming that we had to tail and convince to do something (who or what it was I didn't know). Just as we were about to succeed Chuck Bass found out about what we were doing, and decided to distract everyone by publicly humiliating himself. He yelled and clapped and made lots of noise, at one point claiming he wanted his drum. His distraction worked, and our plan did not succeed. Some time later, I was on a plane, still with some "Gossip Girl" characters, and we were playing some sort of role-playing game involving miniature capes. One of the capes was made out of celary, and was the master cape. For some reason some of the people were wearing clown make-up as well. Part of the role-playing synthesised itself in my dream as a videogame-like experience. I was the character being "played as", and was hunting down three villains. I was wearing very powerful armour, so all three were easy to defeat, even the mage who summoned a small army of warriors all in different powerful armours. This battle was made easier, though, by a trickster that had been summoned along with the army that was making some of the warriors disappear. I killed the mage and then went back into the real world, where tragedy was about to strike. Something caused the plane to crash, but luckily no one died. Some ended up in different places though, such as Nate in Korea, where people were avoiding him due to his clown face. However, most were somewhere in America. I met a beautiful, young, blonde college girl who I really liked, and she really liked me. She helped me around this place I had never been, and told me all about herself. All over Gossip Girl there were pictures of almost everyone from the plane in airports. I thought about whether I should meet up with them or not, but instead decided to follow my heart and stay with the woman I had met. During one conversation she told me how she would play role-playing ganes with pencils, and how there were regular pencils, poison pencils, and master pencils. She then showed me something she had found recently, a piece of celary in the shape of a cape, and a pencil with my name on it. Just as I was telling her that those items were in the plane crash, Eleanor Waldorf stuck her head into the window of the car we were sitting in and accused my new friend of theft. She said the car we were in was hers, as well as the watch on my friend's wrist. My friend told Eleanor that there had been an auction on Gossip Girl, and that she had bought both things there - the car had only been 75 cents. My new friend and I were sitting in a fancy room having tea with Eleanor and Serena. They were trying to convince me to go back with them, but I didn't want to. In the end they could not sway me, so we gave Eleanor her watch back and left, together.