The Horse Taffy

Date: 6/22/2017

By TylerMcSalty

the 25 or so children, somehow related to the CEO of a taffy factory get to go to the factory for a week to see how it works. after a couple days, evil men come to take the adult's lives. they attempt to take the children to their base via airplane, but 2 children get away. the children, a female and a male, run in whatever direction they can. they reach a friendly looking town and decided to run into a house for help, for they couldn't catch up to the one visible car. they see a maybe 12 year old girl in the middle of the living room with a limp older woman in front of her. the girl is crying, and the bottom half of her leg had been detached somehow. the male child grabbed her leg and her head swiveled around, revealing a blank hole. they ran to the next house, which was a lot more put together. they went up the stairs and found a tan dog with a white bib of fur. it started growling, so the children threw him the leg. they walked out of the back door and saw the car again, so they sprint to catch up. it goes down a path, so they keep following it down the path. it leads back to the taffy factory, but there is taffy again!! it looks cheery and there are workers inside. they run to the taffy machines and stand in them, eating as much as they can. a man waltzed up to them, holding a cane. "enjoying the new recipe? you should, it now has HORSE MEAT!!" he screamed, laughing maniacally. the children backed up slowly, then my eyes opened.