A New House

Date: 4/6/2017

By gabriel4031

I'm with my friends, and they are taking me to see a new house. We are at a house with a fence with barbed wire. I ponder if there are dogs, but apparently they are put away. They are Doberman pinschers and I consider how I like those dogs. No one is home, but we can go in because the door is unlocked. I hope it is okay. The house is nice. I like the fridge. It has a freezer at the bottom and French doors. The owner comes home and puts his keys on top of the fridge. He has short, red hair, and seems very kind. I apologize for the intrusion and he takes us on a tour. It is a split level house. At the end he takes us to the bedroom. It surprises me because there is a pepto pink carpet and mahogany furniture. I notice next to the bed there is an area to pray, or for meditation. I love it. I remember how I always wanted a prayer room in my future home.