Spider cage Aquarium

Date: 8/20/2017

By vomeo

I some how found a Woden box with a clear plastic front inside were 2 spiders and some other bugs when I saw this I teleported to my room with my mother siting on the bed with the box on my lap I took a snake out of the box and held it in my hand I was playing with it and told my mum she can pet it she did this but it then broke in half when it broke I stood up and the box fell and opened I didn't notice I then turned around on my bed and saw the spider I jump of my bed and slowly walked away I was looking for the other and saw it close to my mum and told her to stand up slowly I then was in a aquarium with my school we were walking down a pier singing I couldn't sing and this guy I am attracted to saw this and I just said that is what a dying dog sounds like he didn't seem impressed when we came to the edge there's was a whale and bunch of bags on the water we had to jump on the bags to get to the others side of the aquarium the bags separated and I rode my friend to get to the other side