Horror alternate reality game

Date: 6/13/2017

By crossheartcat

i dreamt I downloaded a game on my phone where I can play a lot and earn money and also play VR with it. its a horror game of sorts, very creepy, where the surroundings mirror my real life world exactly, but the people are replaced by scary characters. I couldnt get the game uninstalled from my phone and cant access other apps from it at all, there was a way to do that but through a complex system and I also had to pay money for the code. the dream was jumping back and forth between game world and reality and I had a hard time differentiating the two. I was getting so stressed and scared that I managed to woke myself up. I had this dream before which what scared me most. but this time there was new details like my auntie owns a club where this game is a hotspot of, and in this club people kiss and hug anyone they come in contact with as a sort of greeting and they just do PDA all day and thats the normal thing in that specific club.