Aliens Habitually Visit (In A Clean Silver Car?) (They Bring Jellybeans.)

Date: 4/16/2017

By Fitful

I move into this new apartment. It's actually a house in the suburbs but they call it an apartment. It's nice and I start to unpack all my things. I was moved here, actually, by an organization. They paid for my housing. I didn't really question that much. I unpack a bit, so stuff is in a state of great disarray, and then I want to explore the neighborhood. I leave and walk and walk, and I end up getting lost. It gets me more lost to try and recover. Eventually I bump into this random black guy who is amazingly on my level. He's on this same vibe as me and we chatter about stuff like spirituality and conspiracy theories and he helps me find out where I am. I'm actually helping him too, he's got and a new place he's moving too. I see the address and it's unfamiliar but the same company moved him so we manage to get each other oriented. I leave him and make it home just fine if hours and hours later, near dusk. But the house is a bit different, some of my stuff has been moved, just a bit of stuff along the back wall in the kitchen has been moved a few feet to make room for construction. They are building a new room into the house. I figure this out despite no one being there to tell me and I realize why they call it an apartment. I would be having a roommate. The doorbell rings or there's a knock or something and I go answer it. It's the same black dude, he's here to move in. I realize as he does that he is my new roommate. We both marvel at this coincidence. ——— It's years later and I have a kid. I'm about to take the kid somewhere, I think to the park, but something happens and his life is in danger. I have to do something intricate before we can go, before he can be moved. It involves a razor blade and a piece of random plastic and I put them together and punch a single hole in them with one of my canine teeth. I do this several times.. There are little tiny aliens space ships near the ceiling watching me. I've noticed they've been there for a while, maybe years. I just recognized them as space ships. They are dark rust colored, have a rough texture to them like stone, and look like spinning tops. My nephew and niece come in the door, they are eager to go to the park with me and my baby. I still have to complete my task. I am careful to tell him do not pick the baby up, there is a razor blade in his stroller seat beside him, and I do the same thing once more. Plastic over the not sharpe part razor blade, sandwich it, punch with my teeth and relax. The kids are very suspicious and I tell them if they are patient once I finish this I win the lottery and they can have some. They are even more suspicious but I manage to finish the very intricate task and save my sons life. The children are slightly impressed. I go to open the I lottery I just won, a cursory prize, and it comes in a grey/tan backpack and I open it and it's full of jelly beans on top. I mean full and full of them, there must be millions. I eat some and give some to the kids and they feed me some. I have pink lipstick on and it smears on my nephews little hand. ———— I'm visiting with my parents and some well visitors. Guests? I don't know who they are but we have so many people we have to drive two cars. One car is very clean (silver) and one car is filthy(black). The filthy car is quickly cleaned at a car wash, all the junk food stuff on the floor sucked up into a vacuum, but my parents are horrified because they don't want the visitors to see. We all get cheesy hot dogs from this diner nearby. The neighborhood has this classic, 50's shiny colorful look to it. They eat the hot dogs by just dipping them into this textured, congealed cheese, no bun. They are turkey hot dogs. I eat some too, eagerly, it tastes good. After a few minutes of eating I feel weird, like I haven't done this in a while (because I'm vegan in real life and haven't) and I think a few things about junk food being addicting. My parents are full after eating the hot dogs and they decide they don't want to entertain company anymore. They send the visitors away and the two visitors disappear out of their clean silver car. ——— There is a shipping yard nearby, and there is a lot of construction. I often visit to get more stuff to add onto my house. In the distance there is a Borg cube being built. It looks nearly finished. ——— I wake up several times because someone is repeating one word over and over and over again. Once I wake up fully I realize it's just a dream and I go back to sleep. This happens several times and think thoughts on the cusp of sleep. I try and memorize what they say, I forget. I try and understand, reach some epiphany about the thinking being said, I forget that too upon waking. Edit: I recalled a word being said. It was Jonathan. I recall thinking that was my father's name, and it repeating Jonathan or maybe daughter of Jonathan.