Date: 8/2/2019

By lusitania

#1st dream I’ve written down. This one is messy because I wrote it a looong Time ago... 2017 Again looong time ago before I wrote down dates so I only know it was written in 2017 Title PSYCHOPATH? In this dream I was at my gymnastics and a girl about my age but I don’t know who it was, (she had long black hair that was straight.) was trying to kill me and my friends from gymnastics, by spraying us with poison. We ran away and escaped. It happened again this time at my church, only it was just me. I specifically remember walking around the lobby. She sprayed the poison on my arms, it felt cold, and burned like acid, but it didn’t hurt that much. I ran away and escaped again. She tried to murder us again at my gymnastics. She sprayed the poison on my friend Kathrine’s (The one with brown hair) stomachs, She laughed and said ‘’stop’’ playfully as if it was just water, and it was no big deal. We ran away this time going outside. Then we hid in a McDonald’s, but I thought that it wasn’t far away enough, and that she might find us. We ran away again (and btw all of this was at night so it was dark.) We ended up at what I said was my old house, but it looked more like the new house I’m in now. I said that destiny (an old friend of mine.) had moved in and could help us. We went inside. They were hosting an event, They had a big box of random things. That were there moms “collection” she had to give everyone at the party three things from that collection. I was looking through it and Found three-made-to-move-barbies. I think I woke up after that because I don’t remember anything else. Commentary In real life I don’t think I would have run from that girl I think I would have fought her. Because we were around the same age and size, and The only weapon she had was a spray can of poison. (Wich seems dangerous except.) you apparently had to get a lot on you for it to kill you. Another weird thing is, I don’t remember her saying much, if anything. Somehow I still knew she was trying to spray poison on us. Even though she never said that it was poison. (But that’s how dreams usually are tbh.) The third time she tried to murder us, was the creepiest, because it was night, and the gym had its lights turned of. We were just running through the gym but it was really hard to also when we got through the foam pit. There was the part ware we were outside it was dark And we had a psychopath chasing us. Because of this dream I woke up early when it was still dark and was worried someone was going to murder me or My sister. I think I was sleep delirious . I mentioned the most creepy/scary part but the most confusing part was when I thought Are current house, was the old house, and I thought destiny buloonus moved into it. Then they were hosting that strange event and I kinda remember a few things that were in the box. A stuffed mermaid like the one My sister has and a few made-to-move-barbies. There was lots of other stuff, but I don’t remember what specifically it was.