Getting Robbed

Date: 1/30/2019

By richellebucks

At first the dream started with me going to target and getting some makeup brushes and etc. I was with my friends angel, Christian, Katherine, Silvette, Jaclyn and Fily, and Kery. I wanted a blush brush, and they guy gave me a blush brush. He gave me a really hard one that my my face kind of bleed. I didn’t buy the blush bruh because I was too hard, but I bought the contour brush. People were stealing from the target, such as these boys I knew, Dylan, Jordan, Alex etc. they were making it so obvious. I was planning on paying for the things I got, since I supposedly hid my dads credit card in one of the target baskets. The guy also said that every section was going to have its own line, so I wanted to leave now. Then I found the credit card was like bitten off, so I didn’t pay for my stuff and walked out. I ended up walking out with only Angel and Christian, and we were walking to my home. I didn’t get caught and nobody noticed that I stole from Target. I asked Christian a question, because he’s my high school friend and I asked him if we were friends in 8th grade and he said yes, and that he was going to tell me sooner, he just forgot. (This isn’t true IRL). As I walked closer to home, my other friends started to reappear again. Suddenly I was my sister Mia with me. As we went up the elevator to my house, I saw these group of girls trying to open doors of apartments that didn’t have their door locked so they could rob them. My door was locked so I didn’t worry, but I went to the main office of my building, which in the dream was on my floor, the sixth, to tell them what was happening. The girls then disappeared. They then appeared again, and my friend Jacob was in the same floor as me, calling the superintendent. He didn’t pick up. I then made a quick move and unlocked my door and let Mia and myself inside. All my friends reappeared inside with me. The girls also chased after me, and they were trying to push open the door, while me and my friends were pushing it down. Then, my friends started to chill on my living room, leaving only Jaclyn and me pushing the door. I tried to lock my door again, but the top lock broke. The girls finally pushed in, and a lot of girls were there just to be in my house and not to steal. My friend Sky was with the girls, which surprised me. Also Jaclyn was with the girls, but she was at the same time helping me not get them in, and that weirded me out. Only two girls were trying to steal stuff in my house. One girl I stabbed with a knife and she went away, and the other girl, my friend Katherine took kitchen forks and stabbed her with them while skinning her. It seemed like the girl, who looked 9, had a really high pain tolerance because she wasn’t crying. There was also this pretty girl that looked me down and kind of felt bad for me. I said “ why is this happening to me” and the dream ended.